The Bulldog Series wheels are our latest creation of                                           a killer product that is here to take over and change                                          the industry with a true big wheel wide tire, that will                                          fit Harleys, Victorys, and Indians with little to no                                                modifications.

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                                       After seeing a major need for more excitement in the                                         industry we took it upon ourselves to bring                                                         something that we knew had been missing for quite                                           some time. And that is when the 21×5.5 and 23×5.5 fat tire were born. With extensive research and development and a partnership with Vee-Rubber tires we had created something that we knew would not only stand out from the crowd, but would also handle and ride like a dream, or like our customers say “like a Cadillac”.


Wrapped with a 180mm/50×21 Vee Rubber tire, these oversized wide wheels remain slim and sleek with a road hugging low profile tire to show off that mean Bulldog wheel. The 21×5.5 has been making its way up the ladder dominating the road and taking home trophies of all kinds across not only America but all around the world.

With a release date soon approaching the 23×5.5 will be right behind following the tread marks of the 21×5.5. Various fitment applications ranging from custom choppers to Harley Baggers or as they say (muscle baggers) along with simple modifications like tipple trees and fender (depending on make and model) allow these wheels to dominate the motorcycle industry. The sky truly is the limit with these wheels.

With imitations soon to follow be sure to contact us direct or get with one of our many dealers to purchase your original fat tire Bulldog wheel and make your dreams a reality. As they say “Ride With The Best”


            Wheel Size        


               21"x5.5"                       $1400    Elite Series 

      $1500   Signature Series  

      $1600    Pro Series

      $1700   Diamond Series



      $1600    Elite Series 

      $1700   Signature Series 

      $1800    Pro Series 

      $1900   Diamond Series