Fat Wheel Conversion

Welcome to the Fat Wheel Conversion 

On this page you will find everything you need to accomplish a

18x5.5, 21x5.5 or 23x5.5 Fat Wheel Conversion on your bike.

If you are looking to do the 18x5.5

Native Customs & Hawg Halters  

Have all the products you need

We offer all of their products  








21x5.5 & 23x5.5 Conversion

1. Start with picking your wheel

click on the Bulldog or Metal link 

 Pick your style of wheel.

Pick your color (Chrome, Black, Contrast Cut)

Decide if you want matching Rotors

Do you want to stay with Dual or Single Rotor

Know if your bike has ABS









2. For the 21x5.5 You will need a 23 Triple Trees

For the 23x5.5 you will need 26 Bolt On Triple Trees

American Suspension or HHI are recommended.

If you have a Road Glide, the fairing mount

is necessary for the 26 kit.


Please note: if you have ABS and you do a 26 kit,

you will need to change your caliper brake lines. 

Magnum Shielding is a good way to go!

              23 Trees                      26 Tree               RG Fairing Mount 







3. Pick your fender!!

There are several options,

Classic (OEM), Wrapped, or a cross between them.

we use Elite Metal , Native & HHI fenders

4. Decide if you want to change your Forks & Cans 

or stay Stock.

(it is recommended to change them,

as to ensure no issues with the fender) 

If you choose to change them,

American Suspension is great way to go.

Click on the links below to see the different styles they offer. 














5. Single Rotor Conversion

If you have chosen to go with a single rotor,

you will need a 6 Piston Caliper Kit. 

You can stay with a 11.5,11.8 Rotor or 13 Rotor.

HHI has all the kits you need. 

13" Rotor                               11.5",11.8" Rotor 


6. Last of all Air Ride.

This is not necessary to have, but a great upgrade 

Dirty Air and American Suspension 

are both great Air Ride Systems.

Don't forget to add you MRI Center Stand!


If you still have your Stock Exhaust or True Dual 

Under Exhaust, don't worry we got you 

covered. You don't have to change your Exhaust!!!

SOBaggers Center Stand







You have now completed everything you will need to
convert your motorcycle to Fat Front Wheel!

Enjoy the ride!!

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